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Arugam Bay is situated on the Indian Ocean in the dry zone of Sri Lanka's South-East coast. The Bay is located 220 km due East of Colombo. It is a popular surfing and tourist destination. Many of the buildings were destroyed in the 2004 tsunami.Due to its popularity among tourists thearea has managed a slow recovery by private initiatives only.The main road through town has not been repaved yet.By April,2008 no help has been received from any official source or International organizations. An exception is uncoordinated support for fishing folk as well as many school rebuilding programs, -sadly resulting in a continuation to provide only separatist schools for each Community. He Bay hosts a large fleet of fishing boats which operate off the beach. Many organizations donated boats after the tsunami andas sa result there are far more fishing boats than ever before.The main beach is bit dirty as it is used as a garbage dump and a toilet by some locals.Nearby beaches are more esthetically pleasing and also have excellent waves. Arugam Surf Point has a very long, consistent, sectiony right hand break.Many organizations claim to ha ve done extensive work in the area, but locally and on close inspection no progress can be observed so far, end first quarter, 2008.US 'Mercy Corps' has been the most active organization, funded by Oprah Whinfrey 'Angel Network', following a huge fund-raising TV series in the States.Sadly, none of their projects survived the first year of operation.A bridge survived the first year of operation. A bridges being constructed by USAID to replace the old, original landmark box girder construction linking Arugam Bay with PottuVille town. There is excellent elephant viewing nearby as well as two types of monkeys wandering around the area. Arugam Bay is far away! 7 hours' drive from Colombo, it has until fairly recently only attracted a tthts. There are now almost dayly flights to Ampara with Sri Lankan Airlines sea planes. They are presntly applying for a licence to land on Pottuvil Lagoon. The ISA (International Surfing Association) staged Arugam Bay's first international surfing competition in the summer of 2004, and despite the shocking destruction of the Tsunami, returned again in 2005 to give the battered local economy a boost. 2005 was a difficult year for Arugam Bay as it was one of the worst hit areas of the country. The post Tsunami recovery has by and large been very quick despite the remoteness of the area. many NGO's and private organisations like ourselves (LankaRealAid) have help rebuild the area and some of the guest houses are now much better than before the wave. Both north and south of Arugam Bay there are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Sri Lanka.

Things To Do In Arugam Bay

Surfing :
Arugam Bay is renowned for its fantastic waves, which attract surfers from all over the world. Although you can surf here all year round, the season is from April to October with the average height of waves being 1.5 to 2.5 meters. Main surf spots are pottuvil point, Main Break and Crocodile Rock.
Dive : You can do some good snorkelling around Arugam Bay. If you are a serious scuba diver, charter a boat and head for the Basses Reefs, it is a "must see" dive site in Sri Lanka.
Wildlife Spotting : Catch a rare spectacle of elephants strolling across the A4 through the Lahugala elephant corridor. The best time to catch a glimpse ofthe wildlife such as elephants, wild boar, deer and crocodiles is before dawn or at sunset.
Bird Watching : Be over-awed by the flocks that migrate to the arugam Bay area in the months of November and December. Arugam Bay The Surfers' Paradise Situated in the district of Ampara, Approximately 314 km from Colombo, Arugam Bay is Known as one of the best three surfing spots in the world. this typical fishing village to the south of the small town of Pottuvil can be reached via A4 from Colombo. The unspoilt town of Srugam Bay offers an abundance of opportunities for those with a passion for water sports and underwater photography Arugam Bay Climate Located in the dry Zone, the area is rich in bird life and wildlife in the widespread jungle areas, wetlands and lagoons nearby. lt has its own specific climate with very little rain compared to the rest of the island. the average temperature in November, December and January is around 28-30 degrees Celsius. It is also often windy during this period in February and March as well as in September and October the temperature is around 30-32 degrees Celsius. With the sun at its zenith in April, it can get rather hot and humid during that with temperatures going up to 36 degrees Celsius. Where to Stay in Arugam Bay Be it beachfront cabanas or tree houses, there are plenty of accommodation to choose from. Unwind at Galaxy Lounge ,which offers spacious beachfront cabanas or Rockview Beachside Hotel. The Aloha Cabanas consists of cottages, cabanas and tree houses, while a great selection of indoor games will keep you busy during your stay. The Danish Villa Hotel is ideal if You are looking for that prefect spot for You crowd only. Located in the Middle of Arugam Bay, meters away from The white sandy beaches, The natural materials and furniture of Danish Villa Hotels placed against a white background creates a colonial look . You can either rent the whole Villa to yourself or rent just one or more rooms. A Combination of Sri Lanka Hospitality and Danish comforts, The Stardust Beach Hotel is yet another place to relax or gather around with friends and family after a fun-filled day. The restaurant offers a fine selection of specialties and dishes from around the world and white you can enjoy a range of local drinks, you also have access to an extensive wine cellar. Consisting of six wooden cabanas the Surf n Sea Guesthouse, offers a surf school and surfboard repair services white board and equipment can also be either bought or rented at the guesthouse. A typical surfer 's destination, Hang Loose Guesthouse. Alternatively, spend the night at the Water Music Guesthouse a rustic style Guesthouse designed in an authentic tropical way.

Explore Arugam Bay

Muhudu Madu Viharaya : Between Arugam Bay and Pottuvil lie the ruins of a Buddhist temple on the sand dunes with fairly well preserved stone statues. Lt is believed that the temple was built where princess Vihara Maha Devi had disembarked. Muhudu Madu Viharaya : This boasts of the best – preserved moonstone in all of Asia, with a special feature of the Mahout carved on the back of the an elephant. The Magul Maha Vihara, Constructed during the reign of King Dhatusena, is also to be the Place where the royal wedding of king Kanantissa and Princess Vihara Maha devi had taken place. Lt is located eight kilometers west of Pottuvil along the A4 main road. Pottuvil Point : The highest Place in Pottuvil, popular With Surfers ,this is a long deserted beach. Wild elephants can often be seen around the area. Crocodile Rock : From afar the rock look like a set of sun bathing crocodiles. The area is Wild, with elephants and eagles sweeping overhead. Okanda: Another popular surfing sport located around 28 Kilometers south of Arugam Bay, The Okanda kudunbigala Heritage reserve and a small ancient shrine dedicated to God of Kataragama, Skanda, Can be seen in the area.

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